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Cosmetic Facial Rejuvenation & Acupuncture

Age Defying Rejuvenation Facial ~ 60 mins $175

Ayurveda Natural Facial Lift Treatment ~ 75 mins $175

Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture ~ 60 mins $175

Cosmetic Facial Acupunture Packages available:

A: 6 treatments $1050 complimentary Express Rejuvenation Facial & Firm Skin Starter kit or equivalent (value $210)

B: 10 treatments $1750 complimentary Age Defying Rejuvenation Facial & Age Corrective Starter kit or equivalent (value $324)

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What is Cosmetic Acupuncture and how does it work?

Cosmetic Acupuncture uses fine facial Acupuncture needles to penetrate into the dermal (deeper) layer of the skin where gentle stimulation of the needles creates a non-visible microscopic trauma to the underlying tissues. On completion of the Cosmetic Acupuncture treatment your body will naturally register the need to heal this area of the body, stimulating the natural secretion of healthy tissue building compounds such as collagen. The needles are directed to the areas of concern, where fine and deeper lines on the face appear as we age.

Along with this local facial needling technique, traditional Acupuncture points on the body are also used as the overall health of the body is directly reflected in the skin. These points vary from person to person according to the different causes and factors behind the individual aging process. Some common factors are:

  • Chronic everyday stress and overworking
  • Lack of restful sleep
  • Hormonal issues & changes including pregnancy
  • Diet and gut health
  • Other health issues that result in skin problems
  • So not only will your skin look clearer and brighter, you will feel your overall health aand wellbeing improve too. 

Why would Cosmetic Acupuncture be better for me as opposed to more conventional cosmetic treatments?

Cosmetic Acupuncture works on supporting your whole body, optimising its natural physiology. More conventional cosmetic procedures (such as Botox) do offer an instant and dramatic improvement, but are often based on introducing toxins into the body. In effect they superficially cover up the cause and effect of the aging process and aim to freeze and paralyse muscles, preventing expression and overall function. Cosmetic Acupuncture on the other hand does exactly the opposite. It stimulates blood flow, energy flow, fluid metabolism and releases stress so you can feel and look healthier naturally. Cosmetic Acupuncture is not a quick fix, but the treatments and home care are cumulative, so the more you attend treatments the better you will look and feel. 

How often should I come for treatments?

Results do vary from one person to another depending on your health concerns and your body’s ability to heal. Your reasons for attending a Cosmetic Acupuncture treatment vary too. Some clients want to smooth out long standing wrinkles and are already at an advanced age, some are aging but would like help to manage and slow this process, and some clients may want to focus on prevention of aging and are significantly younger. Whatever your reasons (discussed in the initial consultation) we recommend a course of treatments which include six weekly Cosmetic Acupuncture treatments, and one age rejuvenating facial at the end. This course of treatments may be repeated upon professional recommendation of the treating Acupuncturist, otherwise a tailored maintenance program can begin.

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Allana - Doctor of Chinese Medicine

After 12 years as a Spa Therapist Allana took some time out to study Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine) and is now excited to combine both to offer Cosmetic Acupuncture at Red Hill Spa.

Allana’s passion behind both Spa Therapy and Acupuncture lies in the ability to tune in to clients’ needs and to offer her clients complete time out to focus inwards paired with her extensive knowledge of the Eminence skincare products to get the best results. 

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Lisa - Facial Specialist

With over 20 years of Spa experience, and more than 15 years working with Eminence Organics skincare Lisa brings a wealth of experience focusing on Anti-Aging solutions for your skin.  Completing advance training in Auyveda Skin Rejuvination and Oriental techniques her facial treatments stand alone in promoting graceful aging and compliment any Cosmetic Acupuncture treatments.

Age-Defying Rejuvenation Facials

Eminence Age Defying Facial 60 mins $175

Next level facial to combat the signs of aging! An amazing combination of Oriental and Ayurvedic techniques and tools combined with the best anti-aging Eminence Organic skin care products. 

This is our Yoga facial… we treat your skins surface but we also work out your facial structural layers working on the facia, muscles and lymp to ensure you have your best face on!  You will feel those muscles relax allowing the signs of aging to lessen and combined with the skincare …. your skin working at is best to ensure that it can detox and glow…

All facials are tailored to your skin but this facial is focused on enhancing your collagen production, lifting, plumping, firming and hydrating your skin. 

This facial is stimulating all levels of your facial structure. Guasha, facial cups, crystal rollers and Ayuvedic Kansa wands along with our magic hands and divine Eminence Peels and products to leave your skin feeling Rejuvinated and glowing.

Facial includes professional peel options ranging from 5% liquid solutions, 10% lactic, 20% aha or enzyme peels.

Give your face a work out!

Ayurveda Natural Facial Lift Treatment 75 mins $175

This wonderfully relaxing treatment lessens wrinkles and expression lines, tightens facial contours, tones and improves the complexion, releases stress and tension in surrounding muscles, soothes tension, eyestrain and stress-related symptoms, enhances feelings of wellbeing and can encourage a positive and confident appearance

During the treatment, the face and neck muscles are systematically massaged. Acupressure points are activated, stimulating energy flow and releasing deep-seated tension, freeing layers of muscle and connective tissue.  Ayurvedic ‘smoothing’ techniques are used so that circulation and elimination can be improved and the tissues can glide smoothly over the deeper layers of muscle and bone. The whole process has been described as a bit like ironing out the creases, making the skin feel smoother and softer and improving the complexion and skin tone.

Although you can see a difference after only one treatment, the effects are cumulative and work best over a course of 6-8, 75 minute, weekly treatments depending on each individually assessed person – taking account of age, skin condition and lifestyle factors.

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