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Signature Treatments

** please note we are not currently offerring our signature treatments in our mobile service. We have a private studio located in residential dromana that we will be offerring these treatments to women only and as special requests. ** 



All our signature treatments are Ayurvedic therapies. Ayurveda – the “science of long life” – applies ancient Indian wisdom to restore and maintain good health, based on the belief that wellness depends on balance.

Shiva Shirodhara – 90 mins $250

Shirodhara is a therapy based on Ayurvedic purification teachings.

“Shirodhara” is made up of two Sanskrit words, “shiro” – meaning head, and “dhara” – meaning flow. The warm oil streaming slowly over the Third Eye is used to purify and rejuvenate the mind, through removing blockages and optimising the circulation of blood and nutrients to the brain.

This is a modern spa therapy based on ancient Indian teachings. This treatment is mainly for relaxation and utilises fragrant essential oils. The treatment includes an ayvedic massage to prepare the body for the Shirodhara (warm oil on 3rd eye chakra) which flows for approx 10–15 minutes.

This treatment leaves you feeling totally relaxed and connected, there is no other treatment like it! It is healing and totally uplifting, a pure treatment to calm the body, mind and spirit!

Rupali Hair Ritual – 60 mins $140

An ancient ‘Bath House’ therapy, which uses traditional herbs and oils, to cleanse and nourish the hair, scalp and face. Emerge with a radiant glow and hair silky with a glorious shine.

Samadhi Pichu (Bliss Compress Therapy) – 60 mins $140

A state of being… Aahh bliss! This is a divine Ayurvedic treatment which relieves tension, clarifies the mind and evokes blissful and uplifting feelings. A sacred therapy that involves a ‘Pichu’; special cloth compress; soaked in ancient aromatic healing oils, and an earthen stone ritual on the ‘Third Eye’ Chakra.

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