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Spa Soaks

For specific wet table & body treatments see ‘Hill Body‘ section.

‘Sanus per Aquam’ Healing Through Water

Relax and revive in our deep plunge geisha tub, on our balcony overlooking the red hill gums. Our private and intimate Spa is designed for one or two people, an air-injection hydro massage system eases and relieves all over muscular tension with your choice of bath preparation. (20 minutes).

(Hydroco Hydrotone Petite Geisha)

This treatment is designed to compliment other treatments..

Some ideas might be to have prior to a massage to allow your muscles to be warmed to aid effectiveness of your massage. Or maybe have after your treatments to leave you body completely relaxed and smelling sweet .

When booking with our hostess speak to her regarding your treatment goals and she can help select the best aromatherapy oils to be included in your milk soak….

1 or 2 person $60

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